In December 2023, we achieved a ROAS of 806% for our clients.

We manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that focus on direct return-on-investment (ROI). Do you believe your PPC can be improved?

    PPC Management

    Our process to achieve results...


    Allow The Data To Tell
    The Story

    First we find opportunities based on all historical data
    available by conducting keyword, display, social &
    competitor research
    as well as auditing current PPC
    performance and website conversion rate.


    Use The Data To Drive
    The Strategy

    Based on the findings from the research we then create
    your bespoke strategy. This data-based approach has
    been crucial in increasing our clients profits, and we’re
    certain it will work for you too.


    Campaigns Crafted By
    Pay-Per-Click Aficionados

    Our fully-qualified PPC professionals build &/or re-build
    campaigns to best practice standard
    then pro-actively manage
    your campaigns on a day-to-day basis to make sure they’re
    optimised for return-on-investment (ROI).


    Continuous Improvement Beats Delayed Perfection

    We track every metric & dimension in Google Analytics
    giving us the ability to make incremental changes based
    on highly accurate segmented data. Small frequent
    improvements lead to staggering long-term results.

    The Proof Is In The Pudding

    See what our clients have to say...

    Master Of One,
    Jack Of None

    We are a PPC-only agency. It’s commonplace for digital
    agencies to offer a never-ending assortment of services. It is
    just not possible to become a genuine master of 25 different
    services simultaneously. Volume always compromises quality.
    At Flux Media, we don’t compromise our clients performance.
    We’re obsessed with PPC. We’re consumed by PPC. We’re
    PPC specialists through-and-through.

    New To Pay-Per-Click?
    Get FREE Market Research

    If you’ve never experimented with paid campaigns before
    and are considering doing so, we can conduct online
    market research. This often includes keyword, display,
    social & competitor research and the aim is to determine
    if PPC makes business-sense for you.


    Already Operating PPC Campaigns? Help Yourself To
    A FREE Google Ads Audit

    One of our fully-qualified PPC specialists will highlight
    areas for improvement within your campaigns. An audit is
    no-obligation, meaning you can still use the findings from
    the audit to improve your performance even if you
    choose not to come on board.

      Sit Back & Watch The Results Roll In

      We take responsibility for the entire PPC marketing process,
      liberating our clients of any time they previously spent on
      their PPC. This allows them to spend their precious time
      doing what they’re best at.
      As we are the experts when we
      take over the return tends to sky rocket – putting wide smiles
      on all faces, especially our clients.

      Commitment Is An Act,
      Not A Lock-In Contract

      We operate using small & simple 30-day rolling agreements.
      Many agencies use lock-in contracts that restrict your ability to
      leave if the results are poor. This is ludicrous. Rather than lock you
      in short term, we’re committed to growing with you over the
      long term. If, however, the results just don’t make business sense
      for whatever reason, you can stop anytime.

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